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Here is our offering:

  • Program Management: we provide support and advice on program management and implementation
  • Assessments: we perform Lean Maturity assessements 
  • Training: we give in-house trainings adapted to all audiences (top-management, middle-management, operators, ...)
  • Project Management: we manage projects
  • Lean Culture: we facilitate cultural change towards a Lean Culture
  • Coaching: we provide coaching to anyone willing to take Lean responsibilities in their organisation
  • Interim Management: when a customer engagement requires full-time presence on the mid- or long term, we offer interim management services

Examples of recent client engagements are:

Program management

  • Multi-site Operational Excellence program in Industrial Company
  • Lean implementation in Operations in Bank, Utilities, Retail, Government
  • Total productive Management in a Food manufacturing plant

Project management

  • End-to-end Business Process Optimisation in Bank
  • Organisational Change Management in Government institution
  • New process design and engineering in Transport company
  • Sales and profit growth Process Optimisation in Chemicals company
  • Visual performance management and 6 sigma projects in Transport company

Training and coaching

  • Lean capability & leadership building through customised trainings and individual coaching in Food company