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Annapurna Operations Terms and Conditions


Improof Solutions is a brand name of Annapurna Operations.


Payment for services

Services rendered by Annapurna Operations bvba are paid for on a cost-plus basis, unless otherwise agreed. This means that all time spent by Annapurna Operations bvba in connection with any agreement shall be invoiced on a time-spent basis. A day consists of minimum 7 working hours.



The day fees are inclusive of car travel, accommodation and meal expenses in Belgium and exclusive of VAT, training materials and air travel expenses. Training material and air travel expenses of Annapurna Operations bvba consultants incurred in connection with any agreement are entirely for “the Client’s” account and are invoiced to “the Client” at actual cost.


Terms of payment

Services & products supplied by Annapurna Operations bvba are invoiced twice monthly. Payments by “the Client” shall be made within 30 days of the invoice date.


Notice period

Both parties may terminate an agreement with immediate effect at any time, without stating reasons, with the exception of activities already scheduled. A notice period of 10 working days applies to scheduled activities.  Any activity scheduled within these 10 days will be invoiced @ 100% irrespective of whether the activity has taken place or not. The notice period will start from the date of a written notice.


Force majeur

If due to force majeure the scheduled work cannot be executed, the client should not be liable for any compensation to the consultant.  If due to force majeure the scheduled work cannot be executed by Annapurna Operations, Annapurna Operations should not be liable for any compensation to the client.


Risk of strike

If due to strike the scheduled work cannot be executed, the client will compensate the consultant for the work scheduled for the next 10 working days starting the day of the strike for 50% of the invoice able amount (day fees) and 100% of the costs of any flight tickets scheduled and paid for.


Confidentiality of your data

All information provided by you, or of which Annapurna Operations bvba gains knowledge while providing its services, will be treated in confidence by Annapurna Operations bvba and will not be divulged to third parties, unless agreed to in writing.


Confidentiality of our data

As a result of paying the agreed fees for the subject project the client has the unlimited right to use the information and results gained in the project at any of its other Business Units.


The information contained in any Agreement or agreement and other information supplied by Annapurna Operations bvba may not be divulged to third parties, either before, during or after completion of the services.



Copyright on all materials delivered by Annapurna Operations bvba rests with Annapurna Operations bvba. All documents prepared by you, with the support of Annapurna Operations bvba, are your exclusive property.


Handling of Agreements

The information contained in Agreements by Annapurna Operations bvba may be divulged to your employees, insofar as it relates to the project(s) and/or activities referred to in these Agreements. In so doing, you guarantee the confidentiality of the information provided. Copies of agreements may be made after obtaining the written permission of Annapurna Operations bvba.


Project support

A project manager will manage the project. In principle, the project manager will be your contact person for the duration of the project. The consultants and trainers deployed may vary depending on the subject matter and the phase of the project. Annapurna Operations bvba will give the Client the opportunity to become acquainted with (new) consultants and trainers in advance.


Protection of above rights

In the event that you fail to comply with the above, Annapurna Operations bvba reserves the right to take measures to secure its rights.



Annapurna Operations bvba will perform the assignment to its best ability. Annapurna Operations bvba accepts any liability if this is caused by severe negligence from or damage by Annapurna Operations bvba. Annapurna Operations bvba liability is limited to the amount that has been invoiced to the Client for the agreed assignment.


Applicable law

All agreements with and/or Agreements by Annapurna Operations bvba shall be governed by the laws of Belgium. Any conflict resulting from any agreement with and/or Agreement by Annapurna Operations bvba will be presented to a court located in Belgium.